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Your personal website project starts here!

Hiring a copywriter is not a final attempt to improve your website. I understand; you’re in work mode, spending your days getting the designs and the images just right. When all that is done, your DIY attempts at copywriting your brand voice seems like an afterthought.

As an entrepreneur and a creative, you are well aware that brand imagery and design attract the customer’s eye, but it’s the words on the page that convert.

Copywriting is the deal maker!

Does this sound familiar?

“I know that I have many stories to tell but my writing doesn’t show who I really am.”

“I want my copy to be heartfelt and sound like me.”

“I have so much to do I can’t just sit down and write content all day.”

“If my website wrote itself, that would be great!”

Alternatively, you can…


position yourself as a leader in your field, no matter how saturated.


drive regular leads from your site that looks after itself.


join forces with clients who value your skills and your pricing.


pocket marketing money by optimising your websites SEO for free with organic traffic.


stop worrying about constantly tweaking your website all the time.


return to the projects you love to improve your business while your website makes sales all on its own.

I am here for one thing…

to help your copywriting feel more like you, no matter what your style, my words will be adapted to convey your brand flawlessly.

Why invest in a custom copy written website?

The best website performance comes from a “strategy before words”, design thinking approach. A custom copy gives us the ability to iterate ideas and use non-linear content philosophies. Every decision we make together will have an influence on the final product.

My working philosophy

Step 1

Brand strategy

The project begins with a brand strategy questionnaire. Together, we will uncover the truths and working ethos of your brand.

Step 2

Copy wire framing

The formatting of your copy is just an important strategy as the content itself. The questionnaire will be translated into the wireframes along with my own knowledge and input. This will be presented to you through a recorded video on the start date of our project.

Step 3

First draft copy

After I receive your suggestions and feedback from the wireframes, I will start to create the first drafts from my small yet perfectly formed home office. On completion, I will send the website pages for review. We will continue to collaborate on round one of the revisions.

Step 4

Finalise copy

Edits will be made based on your revisions, then the website copy finalised. If you are working with any other freelancer, such as a web designer or developer, I will liaise with them directly to get your copy up on the site.

Then we celebrate the launch of your new SEO optimised, brand voiced, engaging website!

Let’s do this!

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