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The Lens Meets Zen – Photography Tips.

See. Shoot. Repeat.

Reacting quickly in photography requires the skill to perform and shoot faster than we can be reasonably expected to think. The only way we can achieve this heightened Zen-like sense and skill level is through training and preparation with the artform. Here are some useful photography tips for training ourselves to react faster, without thinking;

“ I don’t take photographs. It is the photograph which has to take me.” — Henri Cartier Bresson

Photography Tips #1

Getting acquainted

Familiarity with the camera is vital. Becoming accustomed to the settings of your particular body, it’s menus and button layouts will shave seconds off the speed it takes to get ready to shoot. The camera, like any other craftsmen’s tool, becomes an extension of ourselves.

Photography Tips #2


The number of settings on new cameras is huge. If we find ourselves in different shooting situations often, we will start to see various combinations of settings that are useful. For example, if the main variable in the scene is the depth of field, focus on changing the aperture.

Photography Tips #3


This skill goes way past photography. It relies on interest, how alert we are and how connected we feel to what is happening around us. It is something we can be practising constantly.

Photography Tips #4


The logical ‘next step’ after awareness is predicting what will happen. This skill is most vital in street and sports photography, but useful for all styles in some capacity. Being in a constant state of anticipation as a photographer means understanding how a scene unfolds visually, and not just physically.

Photography Tips #5

The mind as a muscle

The more we shoot the more we remember. The composition of a good shot, to a degree, has things in common with other good shots. If we can find the compositions that we enjoy and learn them, it will be easier to recall them in an instant in the future.

The Takeaway

Like any skill in life, the more you practice the more muscle memory comes into play and the thought and actions we take become second nature. Mastering these techniques gives us artists the edge because over and over again, we are able to create work of the same, wonderful standard. I truly believe that nobody is born with a ‘gift’. We are all capable of great things. It is our application and dedication to mastering our craft that really counts.

Do you have any more photography tips? Please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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