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The Fuji Camera X Factor

The Fuji Camera is truly an excellent user experience.

What makes the Fuji camera x series so great? This is a question that many people have asked. Here’s my hot take.

I have been using the Fuji XT2 for 12 months, and it is hands down the camera I have loved the most. I’m here to tell you why you should consider your next camera to be a Fuji.

The design is often referred to as ‘retro’, but this is missing the point. The Fuji X cameras have one of the most forward-looking designs of any modern camera. Let me explain.

Before the digital age, high-end cameras had mechanical, manual controls. Physical dials and switches that each controlled a specific function. Rings on the lens controlled the aperture and focus. No super-fast autofocus. ISO and shutter speed had separate dials on the top of the body. This made it very easy to adjust settings and adapt to situations. You always felt in complete control.

Then came the digital age. High-end cameras gained more and more features. An infinite number of new settings and controls for the photographer to play with. It gave you the ability to fine-tune every shot.

But this came at a cost. In-camera menus and radial dials replaced mechanical switches and rings. Small clumsy plastic buttons that have always been too small for most adult thumbs. Adjusting the camera’s settings became a chore and a menace.

This style of camera design continued as the ‘go-to’ for most of the major players in the industry. Companies inexplicably failing to push forward and innovate in this area. It still remains today on most high-end bodies from Canon and Nikon.

But not the Fuji X.

It still has many options in-camera menus for fine-tuning. But the mechanical dials are back. Made of smooth feeling metal. Each one giving a satisfying ‘click’ every time you adjust it.

Aperture control is back on the lens. Such a natural place to be. No need to take your eye away from the viewfinder. The effect on your shot invisible in real-time. If you need an aperture between f/2 and f/2.8, so be it. The Fuji X will not stop you. It is not restrictive. It is free. Loose. Easy.

Then there is that thing no one can describe. The magic element that’s more than the sum of all its parts. The ‘X Factor’ It is a combination of so many smaller factors. The way the heavy metal body feels. The admiration from passers-by. The ruggedness against all elements. The insane burst rate. Beautiful Fuji filters such as Colour Chrome and Acros.

Camera design has been stale in recent years. The Fuji X series has shown what is achieved with a little innovation and a dash of nostalgia.

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